#353 Boston – Boston

Boston’s self-titled album became the best selling debut at its time. They became a staple of rock radio throughout the rest of the 70s. I actually know of some of their more famous songs which are on this album.

The whole of Side A is all hits, which includes “Peace of Mind“, “Foreplay/Long Time“, and “More Than a Feeling“. The latter song is one of their more iconic songs. It has been used in films and television series. It is a great song. I do not have a love connection to the song. I like the whole A side of this album.

Side B has a lot of songs I have never heard and some I have heard. I had some real rocker friends when I was in high school. I did not know them from school. I did not have friends at school. I was always the new kid and I was picked on. I was a thin waif-like child. I was weak so I got picked on. I had pretty blue eyes and would like my wavy hair to be longer than most boys. You can imagine I was called all kinds of names. Pretty boy was the worst name. It would kill me to hear that name. My friends were all at a part-time job I had at an amusement park. Of course, there might have been some bullies there, but they were the minority so they did not last long if they were found out. We, the freaks, were the majority and the leader of it all was a high school teacher. He was a pervert. I was protected by Laura, my first girlfriend, so he never did anything to me. It was awkward to have him as a teacher because I found out he was doing things to boys before he was my biology teacher. I guess he wanted to learn more about the male form.

Overall, every song is good on this album. I would definitely listen to it again. I am surprised how much I like this album. It is a rock masterpiece. 10/10.


3 thoughts on “#353 Boston – Boston

  1. I never knew that about you. It is interesting how music can bring back memories both good and bad.

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