#354 Eagles – Hotel California

The second entry from the Eagles is Hotel California. I thought for certain that One Of These Nights would be on the list. It has some of my favourite songs too, especially the title song and “Take It To The Limit“. I am excited to see what this album has to offer that I have not heard yet from the Eagles. I am sure I have heard most if not all of this album, but I was young.

This song, “Hotel California” sounded magical to me as a kid. It was also a warning to not stop for strangers and to not stay in weird hotels.

Other songs worth listening to on the album are “New Kid in Town“, “Life in the Fast Lane“, and the great Randy Meisner‘s “Try and Love Again

I think this is an awesome album, but none of the songs are as good as the songs on One Of These Nights. Perhaps it is the fault of Glenn Frey and Don Henley for taking almost all of the lead vocals and excluding Meisner from singing. He had the best vocals in the band. 9/10.

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