#365 Fela Kuti – Zombie

Fela Kuti‘s Zombie is just that to me. It is like listening to dead music. It was so boring I will not even bore you will I real review. I do not like Afrobeats, as this genre is named. It drones on too long for me. Both songs are just under 13 minutes.

I would rather talk about anything than this music. It is May 20, when I am writing this so that means I am way ahead of my goal to write about two reviews in a day. I am finally getting some sleep thanks to a new medicine, but it makes me feel like a truck ran over me in the night Also, I am having weird dreams. I should have written them down so I would remember them when write. Other news, I am waiting to see if I get into the graduate program for creative writing. I should know in two weeks. I need patience. Two weeks feels like an eternity. And I am not sure if I will get financial aid either. I will have to quit a couple jobs, but I am not sure which ones. My part-time jobs do not pay enough, but I feel more appreciated. I usually stay five years at a job, except my job in Hungary I stayed seven years. It was a good job, but the pay sucked. If I love a job and the pay sucks I will stay as long as I feel appreciated. My sadness is the same as it ever was. I hide it since I do not have anyone to talk to about it.

As for the album, I hated it. 2/10.

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