#366 Peter Tosh – Legalize It

Peter Tosh‘s Legalize It seems almost pointless since Bob Marley is listed for his reggae music prior to 1976. Besides having reggae music in common, they both want to smoke marijuana a lot. Tosh wants it to be legalised. His wish came true in parts of the USA. He was murdered during a home invasion in 1987. I had a friend who loved reggae music, but he also loved to smoke weed. The two seem to go together like salt and pepper.

“Legalize It” has Tosh begging for us to legalize marijuana, weed, ganja or whatever you want to call it, but don’t criticize it. The lyrics are lacking, but the music is okay.

The only song that I really like is “Why Must I Cry“. It is a sad song that speaks my truth about love. I will never fall in love. My life will always be an existence of loneliness. I walk the road alone.

The album is good if you love reggae music. It is easy to listen to, but it does sound the same after a bit to me. 7/10.

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