#373 Electric Light Orchestra – Out Of The Blue

Electric Light Orchestra’s Out Of The Blue is the first and only album on the list of 1001 Albums… I would have included Discovery, maybe A New World Record or perhaps A New World Record. ELO definitely picked up where The Beatles left off, but went to another universe. I am a huge fan of their 70s music and their work with Olivia Newton-John on Xanadu Soundtrack. Jeff Lynne is the genius behind the band; he even produced all of their albums.

The first song “Turn To Stone” should be known by everyone. It is one of my most favourite songs ever. It is true I have turned to stone.

Other awesome songs on the album: the great “Sweet Talkin’ Woman“, the sad “It’s Over“, “Night in the City“, “Starlight“, “Steppin’ Out“, “Big Wheels” and “Mr. Blue Sky“. I should have written the songs to skip, but I would not skip any.

ELO reminds me of one of the places I lived as a teenager. My mother dropped me off at a woman’s house named Barbara. She was basically a stranger who was willing to take me in. Yes, my mother got rid of me more than once. I was a teenager. She had two younger boys that I would have to babysit when she was out partying. It was not a great situation for me. I was so depressed and there was a lot of drinking and drugs happening in the house. Barbara had some old albums and there was a girl who would come over and she loved ELO. She was close to my age, but a bit older. She was a fun girl a named Donna. We would dance to ELO. It was the beginning of my life with ELO. I had tried to kill myself one night, but nobody knew it, except for a boy named Pete. I took a bottle of pills, but I only vomited the up. I was a sad kid.

ELO is one of the most misunderstood bands ever. They deserve more recognition for their contributions to modern pop music. This is a masterpiece from ELO. Maybe it is better than their previous works. 10/10.


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