#377 The Clash – The Clash

The Clash debut album was self-titled. It was not released in the USA until 1979, but it was released in England in 1977. Listening to these songs today, it is hard to believe they were once considered controversial. Most of the songs were written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, the punk version of McCartney and Lennon.

There are many songs to like on this album. The Clash were the heart of the punk era, even they thought so. It is more noticeable in their following albums. It can be heard in the vocals on “Deny“. The singer sounds hurt by the liar he is accusing of hurting him.

They are extremely angry and political on tunes like “White Riot“, which is about racism and class economics.

Police & Thieves” is a cover of a reggae tune written by Junior Murvin and Lee Perry, but The Clash give it a facelift with a bit of reggae and punk fusion.

I think the album is incredible for a debut. The Clash will have another album on the list of 1001 Albums… so they are worth listening to even if you do not like punk. They are part of music history and deserve to be recognised. 10/10.

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