#380 Steely Dan – Aja

Steely Dan has already been represented in this list. I am surprised they have another album Aja in the list of album we must hear. I think they editors of the book must love them. They are just okay with me. A bit vanilla at times even though it is jazz rock.

I think all of Steely Dan’s sounds sound very similar to each other. It is easy to recognise who they are if you heard them on the radio because every song sounds the same. The hits from this album are “Deacon Blues“, “Peg“, and “Josie“, but I am not really feeling any of these songs. It is not that the songs are bad because they are not, but they are rather all the same.

Overall, it is not a horrible album. If I heard it on the radio I might listen to it, but I would not buy it. 6/10.



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