#384 Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Fleetwood Mac taught Americans how to spell Rumours. They taught us that sometimes people survive the drugs and make extraordinary art in the process. No, do not believe you are in the small percentage that can do drugs and survive. So many of the bands I have read about have had members die from drugs, some young and some of them it eventually caught up to them. This album is the horrid tale of five people messed up people making music together as all their relationships fall apart.

I will not point out the few great songs and skip the bad ones because every song is great in itself. Each one is a story and a part of the lives of Fleetwood Mac. Many of the songs are digs at the other members in order to inflict hurt. This album is as human as any album could ever get.

The imperfections of five people have given us the perfect rock album. We are given a look into their pop star lives of excess of drugs and party life. I will always favour Stevie Nicks, but I think each member is important and I was fortunate to see them once in my lifetime in this formation of players. They were incredible together. They turned music into gold. 10/10.

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