#387 Iggy Pop – The Idiot

Iggy Pop‘s The Idiot was made with David Bowie just before they started on Bowie’s Low. The is Pop’s first solo album. There is one song on this album that became famous in the 80s because Bowie remade it for his album. This is not a typical Pop album, it is more of a Bowie album written by Pop and produced by Bowie. It has inspired many artists since it was released.

I think the album is great musically, but it is not an album that I feel I must hear often. There is only one song “China Girl” that I am not a fan of, but I think it was done better by Bowie. I am not feeling Pop’s version of it. I think the album is important to hear it once or twice. I love the way the music ends on the last song “Mass Production” even though the song is overly long. 8.5/10.

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