#392 Iggy Pop – Lust For Life

I just realized that Iggy Pop has two albums in 1977. I have already reviewed The Idiot a few post back. Lust For Life has been called more of an Iggy Pop album than The Idiot, which had more of David Bowie’s influence. Did I mention that I met Pop once in a hotel? I was doing room service and he stayed in the hotel. He was a super nice man.

Success” sounds like a Mick Jagger tune from a lost solo album in the 70s that never existed.

This album, as with his previous one, has a song “Tonight” that Bowie later covered and improved on.

Songs that should be listen to are “Lust for Life”, “Sixteen“, “The Passenger“, and “Fall in Love with Me“.

This is a lot different than his previous album. It definitely feels more like a throwback to his Stooges days. I like it as much as I like his previous album. 9/10.

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