#395 & #396 Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance & Dub Housing

The Modern Dance from the band Pere Ubu is their debut album. They are an unknown band to me. They have been together since 1975, expect for a short break in the 80s. This album is not on Spotify, but I found it on YouTube.

Art punk, post-punk, and experimental rock are not necessarily the best fusion of music. I did not like this album at all. It sounded like a chaotic mess of noises. My head already sounds like that so why would I want to add more pain to myself. At times it sounded like someone was harpooning a dolphin and other times a human. I wonder if I heard it on a different day, would I feel differently about it. I am having a super sad chaotic day in my head. 2/10.


Pere Ubu came out with two album in 1978, this is the second one Dub Housing. I have very little faith in liking this album because I hated the first one. This album is not on Spotify.

I think this is the same music from the from their debut album. It is a bunch of noises. How could anyone think this is the best music ever? A few on YouTube stated it. It is like a bunch of five year olds were playing together with instruments. It is noise. Some of it hurts my teeth. 1/10.

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