#404 The Adverts – Crossing the Red Sea with The Adverts

Crossing the Red Sea with The Adverts is the first album from English punk band The Adverts. They had one of the first female punk icons Gaye Advert.

I think they had it correct when they wrote a song called “One Chord Wonders“. The music in the first two songs sounds almost exactly the same to me. The vocals have the same cadence. They were the Derek Zoolander of punk music. I feel like I was taking crazy pills when I listened to them. It was all the same sound. “On the Roof” started a little different, but it changed into the same sound of the other songs.

I would not say they are horrible, but I would say if you heard one song, then you have heard all of them. I can hear why they never make it big in the USA as their contemporaries The Sex Pistols and The Clash did. 6/10.

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