#407 Public Image Ltd – Public Image: First Issue

Public Image Ltd was the new band of John Lydon formed after he left the Sex Pistols. Public Image: First Issue was their first album. Their genre is considered to be one of the first post-punk sounds.

I am not a fan of Lydon at all. It seems as though he is screaming all his lyrics. He often repeats lyrics throughout the whole song. He attacks the Christians in two songs “Religion I” and “Religion II”, which is actually the same song, but once without music. And they are cleverly titled. I hate the song. It is hypocritical to put all people into one group.

“Fodderstompf” would be perfect without the weird vocals. I really like the music.

Overall, I really like the music, but the lyrics are not grabbing me at all. Lydon’s vocals are unappealing. 5/10.

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