#408 Magazine – Real Life

Magazine‘s Real Life was their 1978 debut. They have been labeled pioneers of post-punk. They broke up in 1981. This is probably why I have never heard of them and they are an English band. It was more difficult to listen to unknown bands before the internet. With the creation of YouTube and Spotify we can listen to anyone who creates music.

The best songs are “Definitive Gaze“, “My Tulpa” and “Burst“, which sounds like a Bowie song.

I think I cannot decide if I like this band. I took a whole week off of listening to these albums because I got stuck on this one. I think I would have loved it if I heard it in the 80s, but now that I lived through the 80s I have heard other bands do this type of music. It is an okay album, but now it sounds like everything I grew listening to even though it was ahead if its time. 6.5/10.


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