#414 Buzzcocks – Another Music In a Different Kitchen

Buzzcocks is a band I have heard of, but I have never heard their music. Another Music In a Different Kitchen is the only album from the band on the list. This was the first album in which Pete Shelley took over vocals. He was known for his one hit in the 80s “Homosapien”. They released three albums before they split up until the 90s.

I Don’t Mind“, “Sixteen” and “Moving Away from the Pulse Beat” are my favourite songs on the album. I think they had a great drummer. He pounds it on the last song.

It is a rather easy album to listen to, but some of the songs sound the same. I find it hard to believe this is punk rock. It is really poppy. I like the whole album and did not fast forward any of the songs on the third listen. 8.5/10.



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