#415 Van Halen – Van Halen

Van Halen‘s self titled debut album is pure rock and roll of the 70s. It is exuberant with sexiness from Eddie Van Halen‘s guitar and frontman David Lee Roth‘s vocals. My fondness for the band started in the 80s with 1984. Unfortunately, it did not last long because Roth left them in 1985. Gene Simmons discovered them.

It opens with one of my favourite songs “Runnin’ with the Devil“.

Eruption” is Eddie doing what he does best. He makes his guitar speak an unknown language.

It is not often that a song can be superior to the original, but these guys take The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” to another level.

If I were to skip any songs it would be “Atomic Punk” and “Ice Cream Man“. They were my least favourite songs on the album, but they are not horrible songs at all.

The album does not let go of the listener. Each song hold your attention. Eddie’s guitar and Roth’s vocal demand it. It is one of the best debut albums from a band in the 70s. It still sounds great. 10/10.

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