#420 The Saints – Eternally Yours

The Saints‘s Eternally Yours is the second album from the band who came from a land down under. Oddly, I have never heard of them, but they are given a lot of credit for punk outside of the U.S.A. This album had more of a R&B-driven sound and according to the band it confused people.

I usually like Australian bands, but I did not care for The Saints. I think their first album (I’m) Stranded was better because it was raw, more punk sounding. After hearing all the proto-punk and punk albums on the list before this band I felt it was kind of bland even with the wall of sound and punk mixed together.

What I really dislike is the singer’s nasal vocals. It seems like he is trying too hard. If there was an alternative universe where The Clash and The Sex Pistols did not exist, then I might like this album. 6/10.

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