#423 Chic – C’est Chic

In music history there are many famous duos such as McCartney and Lennon, Simon and Garfunkel and one that was overlooked in the 70s and 80s was Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers of Chic. Today, Rodgers is seen as a music genius of his time, unfortunately Edwards passed away in the 90s so he did not enjoy this resurgence of fame. Chic’s second album C’est Chic came out in 1978 with some of the biggest disco songs of the year.

Ah, freak out Le freak, c’est chic Freak out. “Le Freak” was all the craze of the disco and roller rinks in 1978. What makes this song so great is bassist Bernard Edwards. He is a great bassist. This is one of the songs to listen to if you do not have time for the whole album.

My favourite song on the album is “I Want Your Love“. I remember this song as a kid. I wanted love, but I never found it. I thought I had it in friends, but that proved to be false too. It is a hard fact to face that I will never be loved. The only way I would be loved is if I were rich. The song is sweet and great for moving your body. Sexiest bass line!

Other songs to consider are “Savoir Faire“, a nice danceable instrumental and “Happy Man“, something I will never be.

This is a good example of some great disco, but I feel there are some filler songs which should have been omitted for something better. I still think Donna Summer had a better disco album that should have been used in the list of 1001 Albums7.9.

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