#427 AC/DC – Highway to Hell

AC/DC‘s Highway to Hell is one of the albums I have heard of, but I am not sure if I have heard the whole album. I had friends in the 80s who like them so it is possible. They stayed in a hotel I worked at a long time ago. Vocalist Brian Johnson came into the hotel lobby later in the night and he sat at the piano, starting playing and singing like he was Michael Bublé or Frank Sinatra. I was shocked. He could really sing. This was the last album to feature vocalist Bon Scott. He died in 1980 before Back in Black was recorded.

After listening to this album, I realised that I do not recognise it at all. The only song I know is the opening tune “Highway to Hell“. I have never liked this song. I actually prefer to not go to hell if I have a choice. Yes, my best friends will be there, but I rather be lonely in heaven with a bunch of strangers. Besides, the stairway to heaven is less crowded and I hate crowds and traffic.

The only song that I like is “Love Hungry Man“. I like that it has some feelings in it. The lyrics are not great.

When I discovered AC/DC in the 80s I never knew they changed singers. I think they sound the same. It is like Darren on Bewitched. Nobody noticed they changed him. I think I prefer Johnson’s vocals or AC/C’s music more in the 80s. This is all sounds the same to me. It is just a bunch of misogynistic songs typical of 70s hard rock. 6/10.

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