#428 Sister Sledge – We Are Family

Sister Sledge‘s We Are Family has the iconic song, but I have never heard any of their albums. Disco died in the summer of ’79, but fortunately this album came out in the beginning of that year. Actually the word disco may have died, but the music morphed and continued on as dance music and many other names. The album was written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic fame.

“He’s the Greatest Dancer” was one of the best songs from the Sisters. I love the base line and the lyrics are tight. You can almost imagine who they are singing about.

I listened to it while I was biking around the lake near my house. It was not a great album for it. The album goes really mellow after the first song, but eventually picks up the momentum for a bit with “Thinking of You“. I think this should have been released as the third single. It is a sweet love song that you can dance to with the one you love.

I think Rodgers and Edwards gave all their best song to Sister Sledge. This is a much better album than the previous Chic album I reviewed. The whole album is smooth. I think this is a great production, but the ending is weak. 9.5/10.

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