#435 Talking Heads – Fear of Music

The Talking Heads are back again. If you are going to have them more than twice, then you should have The Police, The Cars and Blondie even more. This book 1001 Albums… is a bit crappy. Fear of Music is the third album from the Heads.

I am not a fan of the first song because I do not like African-influenced disco. The tribal sound does not move me.

The album picks up, but it never soars as their previous albums. I believe that sometimes artists need the record companies to help them find a hit. There needs to be some kind of balance where the music is what the artist creates, but the audience needs to be able to follow on the journey. I am not saying they should create pop crap like Taylor Swift, Beyonce or Rihanna. You do not need people to buy it and attend your concerts or you will never be able to continue making your music unless you do YouTube videos.

I do like the music on “Mind“, but I find the lyrics a bit stupid. David Byrne sings that “drugs won’t change you, religion won’t change you”, but those are things that do change a person. It is the most accessible song on the album.

The frantic “Cities” and mellow “Air” are a bit catchy.

Overall, this album fails to engage me as much as their previous and future work. I cannot put my finger on why, but I do not feel it. The album is not horrible at all, but it does not make a connection to this listener. 7/10.


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