#439 The Clash – London Calling

The Clash‘s London Calling is an iconic album from this time period of punk music. It was ranked at number eight on Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in 2003. The Clash were considered a punk band, but this album displays their musical diversity in many styles. 

One of the best songs ever!!! I know how it feels to have people leave. All my best friends have left me.

I am going to skip talking about any of the song in particular. I think this is a masterpiece of music from beginning to end. You should just listen to it on Spotify today. I will say that Joe Strummer and Mick Jones have unique vocals that some of you will not like. 10/10.

9 thoughts on “#439 The Clash – London Calling

  1. I like the beat, or melody. The text is something that does not touch me. I believe that many artist use a catalogue of themes in order to manipulate potentuel buyers into buying their music.

      1. What is misunderstood about it? The lyrics? Or the meaning? I think the most misunderstood song was The Police’s Every Breathe You Take. Most people think it is a love song.

      2. Yes, it’s actually about his girlfriend who was also a punk rocker and he would take the train to her house and she wouldn’t let him in. So he took the train in vain.
        The most misunderstood song is Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA, which is actually speaking negatively about the USA, not positively.

      3. That is not the story that I read from Mick Jones. He was quoted saying that the music was the train and the lyrics are about loneliness, which is what I have always thought it was about. I knew that about the Boss.

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