#445 Gang Of Four – Entertainment!

Gang Of Four is a band with an agenda that I cannot agree with at all. I hate politics in my music, especially left-wing and right wing crap. Their album cover shows a white man and an Indian with some text about the white man being devious towards the Indian. I think it is stupid how some people think we should give the land back to the Indians now. I think people do not realise that all of history is filled with a people taking land away from another group of people. Should every country give back land to the original owners? It is time to move on. I refuse to beat myself up for the horrors of others before I was born. I will not beat myself up because I am a white male too. My life sucked too. So screw you. I do want everyone to have healthcare and education, but I also think you should work to have healthcare. Okay, rant over on to the music from the debut album Entertainment!.

Political messages aside, I like this band. I like their music; it is entertaining. I think all the songs are pretty good. At times, the songs sound similar to each other. It might be the lead singer’s fault; he seems to shout talk more than sing. I would at least recommend listening to them if you like punk or post-punk. 7/10.

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