#449 Public Image Ltd – Metal Box

Public Image Ltd‘s Metal Box album was changed to Second Edition when it was reissued in 1980. John Lydon left the Sex Pistols behind in 1978 and turned to more experimental music. Metal Box is widely regarded as a landmark of post-punk music. If you listen to it on Spotify, then it is titled Second Edition and it has the USA track listing.

Albatross” is a long weird song, but I really like the music. Lydon vocals convey a pain that is typical of his singing. It can be heard in my favourite song “Swan Lake“. I love the danceable music.

The album is very experimental for its time. I like the music, but Lydon’s vocals can be a bit tiring because he is hard to understand. I do like songs that I can relate to lyrically. Some of the songs sound great, such as “”Poptones”, but only up to four minutes then I wish they would stop. I would definitely give this album a listen if you are a bit adventurous musically. 9/10.

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