#450 Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

Michael Jackson was unlike anyone else. He had a certain “Je ne sais quoi about him. Off The Wall was the first album from him that I bought. This is the album that turn Jackson from a child artist to a man-child artist. It was a time when he was still handsome as a regular person without so many surgeries. This is one of the best disco albums ever.

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” opens the album with a command to move your body and to get all you need. I must warn you it is repetitive.

One of my all-time favourite songs from Jackson is “Rock with You. It is so sultry and his voice is beautiful on it. It makes me wish I had someone to rock with.

Working Day and Night” is probably one of my least favourite song of his, but I do like it for dancing. What I mean is that it is in my favourite song list of his, but toward the bottom. I prefer the dance music and vocals of “Get on the Floor“.

My other all-time favourite song is “Off the Wall“. I love the creepy beginning and the feeling it gives me. It is the song that I want to continue longer than it does. I wanted to live off the wall because it seemed like a better place than I was as a child.

And this is the beginning of the downhill feeling I have for the album. It seems that all the great songs were on one side. It goes too slow for me with “Girlfriend” and “She’s Out of My Life“. The latter is so sad. I like both songs, but I skip Side two sometimes.

I hate “I Can’t Help It”. It sounds like a Stevie Wonder song and I hate Wonder’s music. It sounds cheesy.

“It’s the Falling in Love” sounds like Jackson’s attempt to sound like his idol Diana Ross. I thought it was her in the background, but it was Patti Austin. It is a bit too repetitive for me. I do not hate it, but I easily skip it most of the time.

“Burn This Disco Out” is a good dance song, but not as great as the others and I swear he reuses some of the lyrics for another song.

Overall, I think this album has a weak side, which is too mellow. I feel that the track order should have been better thought out and maybe deleted one or two songs for something better. I think it is my favourite album of Michael Jackson because I love some of the songs a lot. 9.5/10.


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