#452 Gary Numan -The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle is the debut solo album of Gary Numan. Commercially, Numan peaked during this time period. He has continued to make albums throughout his career due to his loyal cult following.

If there is one weak song on the album it would be “Observer“. I liked it better the second time I heard it, but it still sounds a lot like the hit song “Cars“. I remember the first time I heard “Cars”, I thought “Wow! What is this music? Where am I? Have I been taken by aliens?” It was unlike anything I had heard before it. Disco was dead and New Wave was alive. I think I related to the cold sound of this new music. It had a heart, but it was wrapped in metal and nobody could hurt again.

M.E.” reminds me of The Stooges’s “I Wanna Be Your Dog“.

This album get progressively better with each listen and with each song. It is a futuristic journey into another world. I am surprised and sad that I have never heard the whole album before. Numan was a one-hit wonder in the USA, but he should not have been. 10/10.

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