#454 Adam & The Ants – Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Finally the 80s are here! If there was one artist or band I did not expect to see on the list of the greatest albums you should listen to it would be Adam & The Ants. I was really surprised to see Kings Of The Wild Frontier make the list. I thought Adam & The Ants were some kind of guilty pleasure of the 80s. But here were are listening to a band I liked a few songs from as a teenager. I have a feeling I heard most of this album at some point.

The best opening to a song is “Dog Eat Dog“. This song introduced us the Burundi beat. I love the drumming on this song.

One of the best songs from this group was “Antmusic“. I love this feeling of the music. It sounds like the ants are marching.

There was only one song that I really did not enjoy at all, “Jolly Roger“. It was a bit bland compared to the rest of the album.

The album is a bit of glam fun bordering on cheese, but always pulling back enough to keep it real. Adam Ant was able to blend music from film and other genres, campy costumes and cheekiness, but it did not last long. The band ended in 1982. 7.5/10.

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