#461 The Cure – Seventeen Seconds

The Cure is one of the bands from the 80s that I love. I saw them in concert once. Their sound and lyrics spoke to me. Robert Smith is a lyrical poet and he knows how to make his voice emote passion and sadness that we all feel at one time or another. Seventeen Seconds is their second album.

When you listen to a Cure album you get the story of a life, you get the soundtrack to a life story and each song represents a moment in time. Usually, it feels like a sad moment when the pain almost stopped your life story, but somehow you found the inner strength to carry on another day.

The lyrics are sparse on this album as if Smith was in so much pain that he could not find the words to describe what he felt. It does not matter because The Cure’s music has a language if its own and it takes up the empty places. This is an excellent album and is extremely different than their poppier debut album Three Imaginary Boys. I would recommend every song. 10/10.

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