#465 Judas Priest – British Steel

This might surprise some people, but I actually used to listen to some of Judas Priest‘s music in the late 80s. I have never heard of their album British Steel. It was their sixth album. I had no idea that they were originally formed in 1969. Lead singer Rob Halford joined in 1973. I think his vocals are the main draw to their music. His voice is powerful.

The only songs that I sort of liked were “Metal Gods” and “United” to a lesser degree.

I really like Halford’s vocals, but this music was mostly too hard and too simple for me. I prefer their later music. None of the songs really stuck out for me. It is unfortunate that this is the only album from them on the list. I think they may have a later album that is better. 6.9/10.

Favourite songs of Judas Priest:



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