#473 UB40 – Signing Off

I have never heard UB40‘s first album Signing Off. I only know of their later songs, such as “Red Red Wine” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, which are remakes. They were the remake kings of the 80s. I have admitted that reggae is not my favourite genre, but it is not my least favourite either.

The best songs are “King“, “12 Bar“, “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today”, and all the instrumental songs.

What makes this album a bit better than the average reggae album is that it is mixed with dub, which is electronic music. UB40 were extremely political on this debut album, which I am not a fan of when I listen to music. Everything is about politics. It has caused a great divide amongst the people. Overall, this is a really melodic album and easy to listen to. 8/10.


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