#478 Einstürzende Neubauten – Kollaps

Einstürzende Neubauten is one band that I have heard and I have seen in concert. They were amazing. Kollaps is their first album. Supposedly, they went to the junkyard to collect their instruments while they were on tour. It is a cheaper way to travel. This is the band that introduced me to industrial music.

If you have not heard of this genre, then you will be in a bit of a shock. It is a bit harsh, especially their earlier albums. In the beginning, “Tanz Debil (Dance Retardedly)” and until the we get assaults to the ear with primal screams and chaotic sounds that sound familiar, but out of context.

Unfortunately, you cannot listen to this album on Spotify. It is in its entirety on YouTube.

I think the album is great and should be experienced if you are the adventurous type. This is what the inside of my deepest thoughts are like. I lot of random noises and we can never be sure where it is going to end up. 10/10.

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