#481 Go-Go’s – Beauty And The Beat

Go-Go’s exploded on the scene in 1981 with Beauty And The Beat. It was one of the best selling debuts of all-time. It has been described as the “cornerstone albums of American new wave”. I realised that I have never heard the whole album and I was a huge Belinda Carlisle fan. I listened to her whole albums in the later 80s.

When I first heard “Our Lips Are Sealed” and saw that they were a girl band I was shocked. I had never seen all girls in a band playing instruments. These girls rocked.

We Got the Beat” was their other rocking hit from their debut album.

Other songs I like are “How Much More“, “Tonite“, “Fading Fast” and my favourite “Automatic“. Actually all the songs are great.

Carlisle has a great voice for this kind of music. He vocals are soft yet strong. The band would never have an album this great, although I think “Vacation” is still one of their best songs. This album is pure ear candy from beginning to end. 10/10.


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