#488 Psychedelic Furs – Talk Talk Talk

Psychedelic Furs‘s Talk Talk Talk is one of their albums that I do not think I have ever listened to. It was harder in the 80s to hear whole albums because you had to buy them. I was not rich enough to buy every album I wanted to hear. I had all the Furs’ albums after this one.

I think I prefer their later albums to this one; maybe even their debut is better, but I need to listen to more of it. I am not saying this is a horrible album at all. It is good, but I prefer their later sound because it seems more refined. They grew a lot and made changes to their sound.

The best songs are “Pretty In Pink“, “Dumb Waiters“, “All of This and Nothing, and “She Is Mine”. The latter two songs are the weaker of the four.

Overall, it is an album that I would rather listen to the songs I like the best and skip the rest. I think a couple of the songs sounded exactly the same. 7/10.

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