#489 The Human League – Dare

The Human League‘s Dare is an album of theirs that I have not listened to before today. I have listened to their later albums and I really liked the band before they changed their sound too much in 1986 on the album Crash. I liked it okay, but it was no longer The Human League to me. It was weird that they turned into an R&B band.

The album starts slowly. It gave me the feeling of someone building something piece by piece and by the end you get the whole picture. It is odd that the hit and possibly the best song “Don’t You Want Me” is at the end of the album.

My other favourite songs are “I Am the Law“, “Love Action (I Believe in Love)“, “Darkness”, and “Seconds“. I think the latter song is my favourite on the album. I love the music to it.

Love Action (I Believe in Love)” was used by George Michael for his song “Shoot the Dog”. I knew it as soon as I heard it and I confirmed it.

Overall I think this is a solid album. It brought synth-pop to mainstream music. This album should have had more hits in the USA because it is great. I highly recommend it. 9/10.

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