#496 ABC – The Lexicon of Love

ABC‘s The Lexicon of Love is an album I have heard some of the songs on before today. They had some great songs in the 80s, but as quickly as they shot to the top in 1982, they tumbled down to the bottom by the end of the decade. They were the perfect blend of new wave, synth-pop and Sophisti-pop. Martin Fry‘s vocals are perfectly matched to lyrics about loneliness and heartbreak. This is their debut album.

The absolute best song is “The Look of Love” (Part One). It is one of my favourite songs. I could and still do relate to the lyrics. This song’s lyrics gave me false hope. I never found true love or any love.

And all my friends just might ask me
They say, “Martin, maybe one day you’ll find true love”
And I say, “Maybe there must be a solution to
The one thing, the one thing we can’t find”

Other songs to consider are “Show Me”, “Poison Arrow“, “Valentine’s Day”, “Tears Are Not Enough”, “All of My Heart“, and “Date Stamp“.

I think this is the type of album that is better as a whole instead of listening to the songs individually. I read it is not a concept album, yet it is all about matters of the heart. I felt sad by the end of this album. I have been a failure in the heart matters and in friendships. Fry’s vocals make it worth the misery. 9/10.

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