#497 Prince – 1999

Prince is one artist that I was a huge fan of in the 80s and 1999 was one of the greatest albums at the time. I bought the album when it came out. He was one of the most popular MTV artist of the 80s. The other ones were George Michael, Michael Jackson and Madonna; only one is left. I had a friend named Roger who was probably a bigger fan than I was at the time. Roger meant a lot to me, but eventually we stopped being friends. I was sad about it, but I could not do anything to make him believe the truth. He was in love with a girl that lied. One would think I learned a lesson about telling friends the truth, but I have not. I think about Roger often, especially lately. I wonder if it is because of the music or is it that I am in some weird place where I look back at the past and wonder how could I have made it better. I like to re-imagine it into what would have happened had I done things a bit differently and had I not been so afraid to take chances. It seems that taking chances could have been better because here I am without these people. I might be happier and not wondering what would have happened. I did not meet Roger until a few years after this album.

This is a great album. My least favourite songs are “Delirious” and “All the Critics Love U in New York”. It was easier than listing all, but two songs. The album is still incredible.

If you have not heard this album, then you should, unless sexy music is offensive to your ears. Prince was one of the sexiest vocalist in the world. He knew how to seduce the listener into buying what he was selling. He was a genius. 10/10.


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