#500 The Cure – Pornography

Finally! I am at the midway point of the list.

The Cure‘s Pornography is another album that I should have listened to by now. I have been a huge fan for many years and I saw them in concert. It is bizarre that I never heard this album until today. This is their fourth studio album of gothic rock songs. I think the album cover is one of the worst covers ever.

All the songs are awesome, but the ones to not miss are “The Hanging Garden“, “Cold“, and “Pornography“.

It is an extremely dark, gloomy, and at times hypnotic record. The lyrics seem as though they are written from a madman. The Cure have always been in my head. I think they have tapped into my imagination.

One more day like today and I’ll kill you
A desire for flesh
And real blood
And I’ll watch you drown in the shower
Pushing my life through your open eyes…

Oddly, this album reminds me of Disintegration from 1989. It has that same depressing feeling, which I love. The music is so freaking incredible. Robert Smith‘s lyrics and voice are beautiful, but Simon Gallup‘s bass guitar is the special sound that makes the magic in The Cure’s music. 10/10.

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