#503 Madness – The Rise & Fall

MadnessThe Rise & Fall is not on Spotify. Why? That is two albums from 1982 not on Spotify. This is their fourth album of infectious ska/pop. I found out that the album was never released in the USA, but some of the songs were put onto a compilation that was released in 1983.

The songs that are the Sunday best, the ones in the middle of my street are “Rise and Fall“, “Sunday Morning”, and “That Face”.

Our House” is definitely one of my favourite songs from Madness, but my absolute favourite “It Must Be Love” was not put on the album.

Overall, it is a great album. It was harder to pick out a bunch of songs from one listening on YouTube. I would have liked it better on Spotify so I could listen to it anywhere, especially when I ride my bike around the lake. I think this album deserves another listening at a later date. I love the vocals and the music. 7.5/10.

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