#505 Haircut 100 – Pelican West

Haircut 100 is a band I am familiar with because they have one of my favourite songs in the 80s. Pelican West was their debut album. Unfortunately their career was brief with one more album released in 1984, but lead singer Nick Heyward had left the band before they recorded it.

The debut single “Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)” from the band was not my favourite song by them, but it was a good start.

My favourite song was “Love Plus One“, even though the lyrics were simple.

Other songs to listen to are “Milk Film“, “Kingsize (You’re My Little Steam Whistle)”, “Fantastic Day”, and “Surprise Me Again“.

Overall, this is a good album. It is extremely upbeat. I cannot tell much about the lyrics from just two listening, but they might be a bit depressing. 80s music was upbeat with depressing lyrics. I love the irony. 8.2/10.

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