#508 Michael Jackson – Thriller

Michael Jackson‘s Thriller is the most iconic album ever. It is the biggest selling album in history. I remember when it was released. It was so huge. Jackson crossed the barriers of white and black music. His videos were all over MTV. He became a megastar.

Almost every song is a classic one. I like the album from beginning to almost end. There is only one song “The Lady in My Life”, which I find a little boring. My absolute favourites are “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)“, “Human Nature“, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”, and “The Girl Is Mine” (with Paul McCartney).

Not only is the album excellent, but the videos were some of the most groundbreaking of their time. Jackson’s dancing was on “Billie Jean” became iconic when he did the moonwalk on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever. He had guest musician Eddie Van Halen rocking out on the guitar and several members of Toto were involved in the recording and production of Thriller.

All I can say is that you should listen to it at least once in your lifetime. This was a special time in music. There was nothing like the phenomenon reaction to Michael Jackson since the time of Elvis and The Beatles and there would not be this reaction after him. It spread throughout whole world. He was amazing. 10/10.

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