#512 The Associates – Sulk

The AssociatesSulk is an album I have never heard. I have not heard of the band either. This is the second album from the Scottish pop band. They were admired by many artists from Bono to Bjork. The duo, singer Billy Mackenzie and guitarist Alan Rankine, started the band in 1979. Mackenzie committed suicide in 1997.

I am not sure how I feel about this album. I wonder if I had heard it in 1982 would I have liked it a lot or not at all. At times, the vocals sound like a Bowie ripoff. I like the music more than the vocals. I think I hate the vocals but only part of the time. None of the songs felt like they needed to be listed, yet all of them did. I will have to revisit this album and contemplate changing the score. For today, I will say it is just okay. 6/10.

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