#518 R.E.M. – Murmur

R.E.M. is definitely a band I have heard of and listened to a lot. I was a big fan. Unfortunately, I never saw them in concert and since they disbanded I never will. I do not like seeing bands where the members are too old to sing anyway. If you are a singer and your voice has faded away, then you should not be charging fans to listen to you. Their debut album Murmur started the band off with a blast. They were critic darlings instantly. I like them, but as I stated earlier I was not an album buyer yet. I moved around a lot so I never bought things.

Their first hit was “Radio Free Europe“. It was an excellent choice for a first song.

I have not heard most of these songs, but as I listen to them I realise that I missed out. I love “Laughing” and “Perfect Circle“, but I also like “Pilgrimage”, “Catapult, and every song, except maybe “West of the Fields” is my least favourite.

R.E.M. reminds me of a time in my life when I was close to being happy. It was in the late 80 and early 90s. I had the closest thing to a best friend and he was a huge fan of their music. I imagine we listened to this album, but it was so long ago. I have almost had a best friend twice in life. Maybe I will talk about it later. It makes me sad.

This is a masterpiece of music. I love the passion filled vocals of Michael Stipe. This album is everything music should be and more. I forgot how much I like this band. 10/10.

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