#519 The The – Soul Mining

Soul Mining from synth-pop/post-punk band The The is definitely something I have heard a lot. The only thing I wish I could change about them is their name. It is a bit weird. It is my least favourite English word. It sounds like baby or a moron talking: da da.

I remember when I first heard this band. I wondered what is this sound. It seemed so alive and fresh. It was an “Uncertain Smile“. It is rare when a piece of music can do that in your lifetime. Most of it all sounds like radio gaga. But this song makes me dream and want to dance like nobody is watching. I love the piano from Jools Holland.

Other songs to listen to are “This Is the Day“, “Giant“, “I’ve Been Waitin’ for Tomorrow (All of My Life)”, and “Soul Mining”.

Do not get this wrong. I like this album a lot, but I think they get better with age. Dusk is their best album overall, but it did not make the list. This album is great, but not as great as I want it to be. Matt Johnson‘s vocals are the best, but later they will add ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr to the band. I think that is the best pairing. 9.5/10.

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