#532 Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Frankie Goes To Hollywood is a band (or is it a group?) that I have heard of because they had one to two hit songs. I am surprised they made it on the list. They had one of the best dance songs of 1984 or 1985, depending on who you were and where you were listening to it. Welcome to the Pleasuredome was their first album.

The album starts off okay, but the first real song “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” is way too long.

Relax (Come Fighting)” is the biggest hit and the best song on the whole album.

Other songs that are good are “War (…and Hide)“, “Two Tribes (For the Victims of Ravishment)” and the power ballad “The Power of Love“.

I find the album a bit boring for me. I thought it should have more dance songs on it and more original songs. “Born to Run” should not be covered by anyone other than The Boss. I think next time I am invited to visit the Pleasuredome I will pass and go to the Thunderdome. 6.9/10.

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