#533 Run–D.M.C. – Run–D.M.C.

Run–D.M.C. is on the list? I hate rap, especially early rap or hip hop, except for the Beastie Boys and some Eminem. I will say it is definitely better than country music, except when the talk about their hoes, killing and drugs. Hopefully, their first self-titled album is the only one listed. I was going to guess D.M.C. was Detroit Motor City, but I would have been wrong.

Trivia from Wikipedia: Russell agreed to help them record a new single and land a record deal, but only after he changed McDaniels’ stage name to his favourite car company, Delorean Motor Company ‘DMC’ and marketed the group as “Run-D.M.C.”, a name which, incidentally, the group hated at first. DMC said later.

If I had to say a song was half decent, then it would be “Rock Box” because it actually had music to it. But only if you are putting a gun to my head.

I think rap and hip hop are about vanity. They continually like to say their own name. Overall, I hated this album. It does not sound like music. Mostly, it has a drum machine and a bunch of weird scratching noises. It was so irritating. And if I wanted to listen to someone talking about themselves, then I would have friends. The positive thing about this album is that they are not cursing like today’s music. 2/10.

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