#534 Sade – Diamond Life

Sade is amazing. I will admit that I was not a fan at first. I was too young and too wild. I wanted to dance and be angry. Sade was too smooth for me. I basically skipped her first album Diamond Life. I saw her in concert in the early 90s and it was amazing. I had my arm on the stage. She was so beautifully dressed. I looked down at her feet to see what she was wearing; she was barefooted. I cannot explain the feeling. She was unlike any superstar I had ever seen.

Now, as I listen to the first song “Smooth Operator“, I wonder what took me so long. Okay, it is still not her best, but even her worst is better than 90% of the artist on the radio today. The only other song that I might like less than the rest is “Sally“. I do not know Sally nor do I care about her.

Wait a minute. I did like Sade on her first album. I totally forgot about “Your Love Is King” and “Hang On to Your Love“.

In Heaven’s name why are you walking away?
Hang on to your love.
In Heaven’s name why do you play these games?
Hang on to your love.

Sade reminds me of a friend named Darlene Cox. We used to put on Sade and sit by the pool. She was a colleague and friend of mine, but we lost our connection many years ago. That is the reality of my life. I move around and I am not the best at staying in touch.

Sadly, this is the only Sade album on the list. I would have added Stronger Than Pride and /or Love Deluxe. I think she is so smooth and romantic and awesome. If you have not listened to the whole album, then get on it now. 10/10.

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