#535 Cocteau Twins – Treasure

Finally, an album Treasure that I know from a long time ago from the Scottish band Cocteau Twins. There are many genres affiliated with the band such as ethereal wave, gothic rock and the most commonly used dream pop.

For me the album always kicked into gear with the second track “Lorelei“. It was a beautiful song that I could listen too often. I like it even though I do not know anyone names Lorelei. I usually hate songs with girl names for the title.

I would suggest not skipping any of the songs, even though I think there are two songs not as superior as the rest, but they are worth it anyway. “Donimo” is the second most beautiful song.

I think this is an excellent album of dreamy pop. It will take you away, far away from this life and bring you to a place you did not know existed. Actually, that place does not exist, except with this album and your true desire. 10/10.

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