#538 Prince and The Revolution – Purple Rain

Prince and The Revolution‘s Purple Rain reigned down on the us in 1984. He ruled. I was a huge fan already, but this album sealed the deal for me. I had a friend named Roger who was an even bigger fan of Prince. I think he tried to emulate his style a bit. Roger was a great friend at one time, but like Prince he let me down. I believe Roger appeared in my life around this time or a little later, but only a little.

I will just say it now: This album is a masterpiece. In my opinion, it is his magnum opus. I like every songs, although I some of the songs I will listen to more than others and over and over again. “I Would Die 4 U” is one of the best songs ever, but “The Beautiful Ones” always smash the picture. And do not miss the title song “Purple Rain”. It is beautiful and it has an awesome guitar solo from Prince.

One of the best other best songs “17 Days” was a B-Side. I really liked that song a lot. I wished it had been on the album, but I understand why it was left off.

“Called you yesterday
You didn’t answer your phone
If you’re the one who’s always lonely
Then I’m the one who’s always alone

I want to to call you everyday
And beg you to be near me”

I do not think this album has really aged at all. It still sounds amazing. Prince was a genius and highly misunderstood. I think people tried to put him into a box as they did with many artists.  Nobody puts Prince in a box. He sang the soundtrack to my teen years and beyond. This is one of those rare albums that I want to hear the whole thing through. Sadly, we lost another legend too soon. 10/10.

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