#539 The Replacements – Let It Be

The Replacements‘ Let It Be is one of the bands and album I have never listened to at all. They broke up in 1991. If you like post-punk and alternative music, then you might like this band. I read in the book that they were known for having great shows and awful shows. I would not have been happy to watch them in concert. Nobody pays money to hear crappy music, except maybe for Taylor Swift fans.

I was all set to give this album a really low score, but one song “Sixteen Blue” caught my ear. It was catchy so I decided to give it a second listen to make sure.

The last song really ruined the mood of the song before. It really sucks and sounds like chaos. Actually, almost all the songs were terrible, especially “Gary’s Got a Boner“. Who is Gary? Why do we care if he has a boner? Does Gary know you are interested in his boner? So many unanswered questions. I think the album is bad, except for one decent song. 4/10.

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