#549 a-ha – Hunting High And Low

a-ha was the biggest export from Norway until web series Skam came out in 2015. Hunting High And Low put a-ha on top of the world, but it ended as quickly as it begun. Well, actually it only ended in the U.S.A. They were not able to duplicate their success in the States. In reality, they have charted as recently as 2015 across Europe and Japan. Personally, I was never a big fan of their hit in the U.S.A. so I did not pursue their music.

Take On Me” was the catchiest song on the album.

Most of the album sounded like something your grandmother would listen to on a lazy winter afternoon in North Dakota. It was rather boring for me. The band is talented and the singer is good, but I never felt a connection to it. I wonder if it is due to the fact that a foreign language speaker is writing in English. I feel the lyrics are the problem for me. 6/10.

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